I made an app

For the last five years, in addition to writing music, books and YouTube videos, I’ve been involved in the running of a card game business called Sopio.

Sopio is a casual party card game with seven physical decks, a digital game on iOS, and – as of today – a free game on iOS and Android.

The free game is called King Of Sopio, and I could tell you more about it, but you might as well download it and see what you think for yourself :D It’s completely free, so the worst that happens is you just delete it if you don’t like it, no harm done!

In addition, if you download King Of Sopio, you’re entitled to a free booster pack of the physical game :)

King Of Sopio is available now on iOS and Android and the physical Sopio game can be bought at sopiocards.com.

Thanks for reading :) I have a new song coming out in July so you will hear from me again then!

Much love


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