Make It Rain

I’ve always used songs as tools.

Holding On began as a way of singing about unrequited love in my life. Don’t Look Back acted as a warning to anyone interested in romantic involvement with me that I am aware of my superficiality and my (at the time) struggles with commitment. Forever Yours was the musical summation of a realisation I had that sometimes it’s perfectly fine to just be friends with someone you like. I’ve Got What It Takes served as an anthem to keep my spirits up when I was trying to break the music industry and was instead ignored.

So it was that, in late 2013, I needed another pick-me-up for a new set of reasons, so I did what I had done so many times before and wrote a song to help me.

Make It Rain is the pulsing powerhouse of synths and bravado that I needed to remind myself I have the strength to get through things, that the conflict in your life can be harnessed and transformed into a force of power and positivity. The greater the problems that are thrown at you, the greater you’ll be for taking them on and facing the day. Those messages are all over this song.

I will march with the fire that is building inside, and the world better watch out for me.

Make It Rain is the next single from Nowhere Left To Hide – my previously-announced album coming out in October. It’s coming out on iTunes and other places tomorrow, but you can buy it on my website right now if you’d like to: Buy Make It Rain for just 50p

Speak soon,

‘The Underground Storyteller’ deleted scene

Did I always want to be famous on the internet? When I was a kid, the internet was teletext. I have absolutely no idea how to explain Teletext to people who never experienced it, but I will try; you would switch your TV to a certain channel, press a button with wiggly lines on the remote, and the screen would fill with this awful gaudy neon writing updating you on whatever you wanted – games, travel, sport, current affairs – while the audio of the programme you were watching would play on in the background. There were about a hundred pages to Teletext and if you wanted to turn to the next one, you had to wait for it to scroll through every single one of them before it would let you proceed. So no, when I saw that, I didn’t look at it and think, “One day, I’m gonna be famous on that.”

That was an extract that I cut out of the District Line but thought I’d share with you :) Much of my opinions on fame and the internet were covered in the book without this, particularly in my theatre analogy in the Waterloo & City line chapter – I’d been carrying that analogy around with me for years. I even wrote it up as a Tumblr post once and sent it to a bunch of YouTube friends to ask for their opinions; Tomska said I should post it, John Green said I shouldn’t. I’m glad it finally found its home in my book.

I’ve started writing a new book provisionally titled ‘Food For Thought’ which is about the nature of human consumption in all its forms – in the meantime, The Underground Storyteller is still available on my site and you can read the first chapter free (or share it with friends) by clicking here!

I’m also releasing a new single this month – I’ll be writing you soon to tell you all about it.

You are a beautiful human being,