New music video – rip it, steal it, share it

As you know, I’m releasing an album this year. It’s called Nowhere Left To Hide, it contains thirteen songs and you’ve heard two of those songs already (Scared Like Me and Make It Rain) and you’ll be hearing two more in the next few months; it’s a very personal album that I recorded last year and I’m really excited for you to eventually hear it :)

In the meantime, I’ve started work on another album, Legacy, an album that expands on the work I did reinventing old songs like Lady Godiva, This Kiss and Poison. My aim is to record an album of classic songs that never quite made it, haven’t quite lasted, to update and reintroduce them to a new audience.

I’ve recorded three of those songs so far and one of them – a Chumbawumba track – seemed like a good fit for the upcoming UK election, so I’ve decided to release it early.

Ugh! Your Ugly Houses comes out May 3rd on iTunes but you can watch the music video now and I’d be very grateful if you did and shared it with anyone and everyone you know: Ugh! Your Ugly Houses

This song is just one way for me to amplify a message. If you believe in the message and the song, share it yourself, rip the video and upload it yourself, but more important, do whatever your thing is. Get the message out there however you best think you can. <3 With love, Alex x