Beyond You

After a turbulent relationship comes to an end, it can be a bit like standing on solid ground after riding a bike or a skateboard for a long time; the ground still feels like it’s moving under your feet, and you have to remind yourself that you’re still, because your body’s reeling from the constant motion.

A while ago I came out of a relationship and, about a month later, we had a conversation on the phone that provided me that stillness. We both talked around the fact that we’d expressed interest in other people, acknowledging it to each other without being blunt or malicious. It felt like we could finally move on. There’s always that little post-breakup feeling where you’re not sure if you’re going to get back together or not, and that conversation for me was the realisation that it was finally over.

With that in mind, I could start to remember what my life was like before, but that’s not really a smart way to go about things, because ‘me before you’ doesn’t exist anymore. I have to take what’s happened and run with it. Go beyond.

When I got home, I wrote this song on the piano. It’s my favourite of any song I’ve ever written. It brings me much comfort and peace and serves, fittingly, as the final track on my upcoming album, which is itself full of turbulent and fractured moments.

The album is a journey that starts with the balls-out swagger of Make It Rain and ends here, with Beyond You, a quiet and powerful acceptance that everything you’re going through will one day be in the past, and that it’s your job to move beyond it.

The music video will be out at midnight on my YouTube channel (still used occasionally to showcase my professional work – music and writing, mostly) and will arrive on iTunes then (as well as Apple Music, Spotify etc) but in the meantime you can support me directly by getting it right now on my personal store for just 50p. I’d really appreciate your generosity and I hope you like the song :)

Download Beyond You here for just 50p