NEW ALBUM – out now!

I’m gonna keep this brief:

I really, really hope you like this :)

This was a hard album to make. In a lot of ways, it was an album I needed to make. It’s quite raw and makes me feel a bit exposed. But I love it and I’m very proud to have it and to share it. I think parts of it are my best work and overall it’s probably the most cohesive release I’ve ever put out.

The album costs £5 digital download, or it’ll be out tomorrow on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all those other places. As always, you get it a day early for being kind enough to read this.

Download my fourth album ‘Nowhere Left To Hide’ now.

I’m not selling a physical CD for this but I am selling a physical USB card with the album on, limited edition (about a hundred or so) – get that here.

I need you guys with me tomorrow: if you like the album, please share it with whoever you can.

And feel free to email me and tell me what you think of it – just reply to this post if you’re getting this on email. I’ll read every one.

Now the work begins fresh. Time to record even newer stuff!


(PS I got snapchat if you want – thatalexday)