The Art Of Falling

“It’s better,” Greg Holden said, “to make your mistakes than to live without knowing; it’s better to fall on your face than to stay on your feet – as long as you try”.

Greg Holden is a musician. He and I worked together in the Apple Store on Regent Street in 2008, back when I had about ten thousand subscribers and he had four. Not four thousand; just four. Four people.

I watched his stuff and loved it, especially his song The Art Of Falling, the chorus of which is quoted above. So I made a video called ‘Greg Holden’ and told everyone to subscribe to him and he got a thousand subscribers in less than a day and now he’s living in New York and got signed to Warner Music.

(There’s obviously a much larger story in-between ‘Alex Day made a video’ and ‘got signed to Warner Music’, but I’m not the man to tell it. Still, at least I ended up getting a record deal for SOMEONE, eh.)

I stopped making YouTube videos a few months ago because I felt frustrated that I didn’t command the sway I once had. In actuality, of course, I just wasn’t trying hard enough. One-take shaky-cam videos filmed in windy parks aren’t the best way to build back a following, this just in.

So, in the spirit of failing being better if you try, I’m kickstarting my YouTube channel and you can learn more about that here.

In music news, I’ve recorded FIVE NEW SONGS toward a new album and they’re coming along. Three of the songs have live harp on them and two of the songs were written in Plum Village, if that gives you an idea of the sound :) Right now I would describe it as ‘Complicated Days: The Album’. Or maybe ‘Hearts: The Album’. Either way, if those words mean anything to you, they should mean you’re excited. I hope, anyway. I’ve reached the end.