Small Successes

It’s easy in this overshared world of ours to think that success has to be obvious and visible and glamourous. My success is comparatively smaller, but no less significant.

I grew up playing trading card games – Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardcaptors, Digimon, the short-lived Harry Potter TCG, others I seem to have forgotten (I didn’t get into Magic until much later).

Five years ago today, my cousin and I brought our card game Sopio to the market – initially through our YouTube audience, later through card game and hobby conventions, trade fairs, card/hobby shops and live tournaments across the country. We’ve dealt with major companies like Firebox and Forbidden Planet, been nominated for nationally-recognised card game awards, released seven decks and sold at least 30,000 of them worldwide (I haven’t asked Danny for the updated number).

If you’ve been a part of that in any small way – either through buying, playing or even just sitting through one of my stupid videos rambling on about this game we made and love – thank you so much :)

Right through this weekend, if you want to buy either our first ever Sopio deck (the easiest way in for people new to card games) or our newest deck (with the best and funniest puns), we’re offering them for £5 here:

Happy Birthday Deal – Deck 1
Happy Birthday Deal – Deck 7

Thanks for reading! Much love