Signed book IN STOCK

Hi, this is your online habit Alex Day telling you of some news:

While stocks last, there are a hundred signed copies of my book The Underground Storyteller, back in physical stock. Click here to order one (or more, if you know a person).

I’m obliged to email you at least every three months otherwise my email provider considers this mailing list ‘inactive’ and I have to make you all re-sign up. I hope you’re doing well and that you managed to hear back about that thing you’re waiting for. I’m sure it’ll all work out.

My new album’s coming along, I should have finished songs in my cloud in about a week, and then I’ll start filming music videos and raising money to pay for CDs to sell to you (if you’re interested; or I’ll just sell them digitally, or you can stream them through your personal free-music service of choice and I’ll get a job in Tesco because I went broke making my album).

That’s a point actually; would you guys be interested in a physical copy of my last album, Nowhere Left To Hide? Reply to this and let me know your opinions.

Best wishes and kind thoughts