Back on YouTube

Hey, it’s Alex. Thanks for reading. I want to tell you about my recent return to YouTube incase you missed it (people are busy and miss stuff sometimes, it’s cool).

I’ve made videos about lots of things recently including:

What life is like since I bought a boat
Getting an agent for my upcoming book
Studying at the Open University and being in an open relationship

There are lots of videos going out regularly; I’ve been told I’m making ‘old-school-style stuff that you don’t really see anymore’. If you enjoy my videos or other things, don’t be afraid to share them with others who may be interested to see them (or who may have stopped watching my videos but would consider watching again). I’m also posting stuff to instagram if you’re a person who has that.

Next Friday (November 3rd) I’ll also be launching a Patreon with loads of perks; at minimum, anyone who gives any amount can get their name printed in my new book about YouTube, out next year. Higher tiers include coming for a cruise on the boat, free lunch, a book club, YouTube video dedications and more.

Basically I’m back and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you next week.

Stay hydrated

Spotify playlists

Good time-of-day to you,

For years I’ve wanted to release an album called ‘Intro to Alex Day’ which would serve as a jumping-in point for people who are new to my music, a digital album that I could update whenever I release new songs.

I’ve since realised it’s much cheaper and makes more sense to do it as a Spotify playlist, so that’s what I’ve done. You can listen to Intro to Alex Day here. I’ve made other playlists too, including one for all the songs that I used as a reference when recording my newest album Split Infinities – you can find them all on my Spotify artist page.

I’m about to take a month off work because I’m buying a new home and travelling around the country with a friend. You’ll hear from me again when the work is finished or I have more to report :)

With kindness