Doing more for you

Take a couple seconds to breathe in and out and forget about whatever else you’re doing. Come on, just take two seconds. Stop. Breathe in and out. Then carry on.

Wasn’t that nice? :)

Here’s what I’m up to at the moment:

I haven’t made much this month because I’ve been working on my book (details below!) The last thing I did was my boat tour, which you can see here.

I’m a little scared to say this … I think my book might be … finished? Pending final FINAL changes, that is, but those would just be fixing commas and semi-colons. That means I’m gearing up to tell you more about it with the aim to release it in August. You’ll hear more soon. The book’s chapter list is on my Patreon if you want a small tease.

The album has been on pause too while I polish off the book, but I’ll be posting a demo of a new song on my Patreon this month. There’s an album tracklist on there too (same post as the book chapters).

I hit $5,000 in total pledges this month and overhauled my perks to give even more. Here’s what it looks like if you wanna join our little community:

$1: your name in my book PLUS patron-only posts (song demos, book extracts, early videos)
$5: everything above PLUS I’ll dedicate a YouTube video to you
$10: everything above PLUS group lunch with me and other patrons
$15: everything above PLUS exclusive boat hangout PLUS private Discord server for you and other patrons PLUS postcards to your door every month from wherever I am
$25: everything above PLUS 30-minute one on one Skype chat PLUS a free book to your door every month

If you haven’t joined us yet, I hope there’s something there to encourage you to consider supporting me to do what I do. It means the world to have you here reading and appreciating my work :)

Thanks again for reading. If you wanna get in touch, just reply to this message: I read every email.