April update

Forgive me – this is the first mailing list I’ve sent you this year. Sorry for not being in touch more. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

My last three videos focused around my last days in London before our big summer trip to Bristol on the boat; a brief chat about technology and using phones without them using you; and a vlog of our day heading out on the Thames for the first time. I’m making videos once a week and I’ll give you a monthly summary from now on so you don’t miss what I’m up to.

I’m still working hard on my book about my life on the internet with final revisions being done with the aim still being to release the book in the summer. Like everyone who’s ever described the process of writing a book, it’s thrilling and also fills me with anxiety and dread, but I’m doing my best for you.

I’ve started learning Logic to begin producing my new album; you can hear me writing one of my new songs in this video and hear a snippet of another on my Patreon. (The album won’t be out till after the book, though, so it’s still early days.)

Thank you SO MUCH for being part of my community on Patreon: I love sending you books and postcards from where we visit every month and thanking you in-person in videos and private messages. I’m on nearly $800 a month now and I’m pledging to read Breaking Dawn (or another book of your choice) when I hit a thousand. If you haven’t joined us yet, there are lots of rewards starting as low as one dollar on my Patreon page.

Thanks again for reading and still being here – it’s gonna be a great summer! Let me know what you’re doing this summer; I read every email.


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