Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I’m never going to take any information from you that you didn’t willingly provide. I’m not secretly checking where your IP address is from or what browser you’re using. There’s no account for you to store information in. Anything you put in the cart and don’t check out will be wiped as soon as you close your browser. Usually, people say this kind of information is being collected to ‘help improve the website’, so who knows, maybe my website will be shitty forever. But I’d rather be shitty than spying on you.

All the files you can purchase here are DRM-free because that’s how the world should be. I don’t sell books with clamps on them so I’m not going to sell ebooks that way either.

Obviously, if you purchase something, you have to give us enough details to fulfil our end of the deal. No point buying a book and then refusing to give your address to post the book to you. So you have to put your details in, it gets emailed to my email account, and then I have to hold on to it for long enough to mail stuff out to you. Once I’ve done that, I’ll send that email to the Trash. Would a physical store hold on to your credit card info forever after you bought something there one time? Well, probably. But they shouldn’t. So I’m not gonna do that. When the site was being built, my brief was ‘I want someone who’s on the run from the police to feel comfortable buying my book’. So basically I’ll take only what I need to make that happen, and even then I won’t hold on to it.

Bear in mind that PayPal will keep a record of your address and stuff, so there will be a lingering record that you’ve paid, but I promise I’m never gonna look at that ever and if I do you can sue me cos I’m saying here that I won’t. I didn’t originally want to use PayPal, because I wanted to remove as many middlemen holding your information as possible, but doing it without PayPal is crazy expensive and most people don’t care anyway so I made a judgment call.

The only information I’ll ever ask you for is your email address, because I want to keep bugging you about stuff I’m up to without using crappy hive-mind things like Twitter. But it’s your choice if you wanna give it to me or not. I’ll never add it without you knowing. And I’m never gonna go through my Mailchimp account and be like “let’s only email people from Canada today!” or whatever. You’re all just people to me. I’m not gonna shit in your book if you don’t give me your email address.

Your paranoid friend,