Sailor Moon books

A while ago, a bookshop near Victoria in south London started selling my book The Underground Storyteller. They’re called Dulwich Books and they ordered one copy to see whether or not it would sell.

It did sell, and now they’ve ordered five more, so I decided to make it more worthwhile for you if you wanna get one:

I signed the inside of all five books and then – getting carried away – also dedicated them to the five Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon.

If you go to Dulwich Books anytime soon (and please do, they’re a wonderful bookshop and reading is fun), peek in my book and you’ll see my signature surrounded by five planetary symbols. A different one is circled in each book, so you might get the Jupiter Book or the Mars Book …

Look, I know it’s not the most exciting thing, but if you’re in the London area and have a spare ten minutes to get the train from Victoria to Dulwich (or have a friend in London who can make the trip on your behalf), I’m really proud that my book is in a physical store and so I drew you a picture. That’s basically what I’m saying today. “Go check out my book cos I drew you a picture.”

We’ll speak again soon – I’m off to watch more Sailor Moon.