Terms Of Sale

Terms Of Sale

So, first off, there’s no ‘I agree to the terms’ tickbox anywhere. Basically if you come here and place an order, you’re agreeing to the terms of that order. Which is funny, cos here I could be like “this means I now own your soul and you have to dance for me” and because you didn’t read the terms of sale, you’d be technically breaking the law if you don’t do it. But I’m not gonna do that. You’re lucky I’m so lenient with your laziness.

Anyway, if you buy something as a digital download, it’ll trigger an automatic download link straight to your email. If it’s been a while and it didn’t arrive, it did, so make sure you check everywhere. If it still didn’t arrive and you’re some weird freak of the system, go to the Enquiries page and throw your details in there and we’ll sort you out.

If you buy a physical thing, it’ll get mailed out to you as soon as possible (usually within a couple days). We can ship stuff anywhere in the world. If you have an address, it’ll reach it. I know shipping costs a lot; it sucks, it’s Royal Mail’s fault, not mine.

If you don’t like the price being in pounds, just go through to PayPal and it’ll convert it for you, don’t freak out.

If you decide to be an awful human being by asking for a refund, go to the Enquiries page and put your details in and I’ll sort you out. How it works: you get the stuff back to me (within 14 days of when you originally got it), I get the money back to you (within 14 days of when I receive the stuff).