Doing more for you

Take a couple seconds to breathe in and out and forget about whatever else you’re doing. Come on, just take two seconds. Stop. Breathe in and out. Then carry on.

Wasn’t that nice? :)

Here’s what I’m up to at the moment:

I haven’t made much this month because I’ve been working on my book (details below!) The last thing I did was my boat tour, which you can see here.

I’m a little scared to say this … I think my book might be … finished? Pending final FINAL changes, that is, but those would just be fixing commas and semi-colons. That means I’m gearing up to tell you more about it with the aim to release it in August. You’ll hear more soon. The book’s chapter list is on my Patreon if you want a small tease.

The album has been on pause too while I polish off the book, but I’ll be posting a demo of a new song on my Patreon this month. There’s an album tracklist on there too (same post as the book chapters).

I hit $5,000 in total pledges this month and overhauled my perks to give even more. Here’s what it looks like if you wanna join our little community:

$1: your name in my book PLUS patron-only posts (song demos, book extracts, early videos)
$5: everything above PLUS I’ll dedicate a YouTube video to you
$10: everything above PLUS group lunch with me and other patrons
$15: everything above PLUS exclusive boat hangout PLUS private Discord server for you and other patrons PLUS postcards to your door every month from wherever I am
$25: everything above PLUS 30-minute one on one Skype chat PLUS a free book to your door every month

If you haven’t joined us yet, I hope there’s something there to encourage you to consider supporting me to do what I do. It means the world to have you here reading and appreciating my work :)

Thanks again for reading. If you wanna get in touch, just reply to this message: I read every email.

April update

Forgive me – this is the first mailing list I’ve sent you this year. Sorry for not being in touch more. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

My last three videos focused around my last days in London before our big summer trip to Bristol on the boat; a brief chat about technology and using phones without them using you; and a vlog of our day heading out on the Thames for the first time. I’m making videos once a week and I’ll give you a monthly summary from now on so you don’t miss what I’m up to.

I’m still working hard on my book about my life on the internet with final revisions being done with the aim still being to release the book in the summer. Like everyone who’s ever described the process of writing a book, it’s thrilling and also fills me with anxiety and dread, but I’m doing my best for you.

I’ve started learning Logic to begin producing my new album; you can hear me writing one of my new songs in this video and hear a snippet of another on my Patreon. (The album won’t be out till after the book, though, so it’s still early days.)

Thank you SO MUCH for being part of my community on Patreon: I love sending you books and postcards from where we visit every month and thanking you in-person in videos and private messages. I’m on nearly $800 a month now and I’m pledging to read Breaking Dawn (or another book of your choice) when I hit a thousand. If you haven’t joined us yet, there are lots of rewards starting as low as one dollar on my Patreon page.

Thanks again for reading and still being here – it’s gonna be a great summer! Let me know what you’re doing this summer; I read every email.

Back on YouTube

Hey, it’s Alex. Thanks for reading. I want to tell you about my recent return to YouTube incase you missed it (people are busy and miss stuff sometimes, it’s cool).

I’ve made videos about lots of things recently including:

What life is like since I bought a boat
Getting an agent for my upcoming book
Studying at the Open University and being in an open relationship

There are lots of videos going out regularly; I’ve been told I’m making ‘old-school-style stuff that you don’t really see anymore’. If you enjoy my videos or other things, don’t be afraid to share them with others who may be interested to see them (or who may have stopped watching my videos but would consider watching again). I’m also posting stuff to instagram if you’re a person who has that.

Next Friday (November 3rd) I’ll also be launching a Patreon with loads of perks; at minimum, anyone who gives any amount can get their name printed in my new book about YouTube, out next year. Higher tiers include coming for a cruise on the boat, free lunch, a book club, YouTube video dedications and more.

Basically I’m back and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.

Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you next week.

Stay hydrated

Spotify playlists

Good time-of-day to you,

For years I’ve wanted to release an album called ‘Intro to Alex Day’ which would serve as a jumping-in point for people who are new to my music, a digital album that I could update whenever I release new songs.

I’ve since realised it’s much cheaper and makes more sense to do it as a Spotify playlist, so that’s what I’ve done. You can listen to Intro to Alex Day here. I’ve made other playlists too, including one for all the songs that I used as a reference when recording my newest album Split Infinities – you can find them all on my Spotify artist page.

I’m about to take a month off work because I’m buying a new home and travelling around the country with a friend. You’ll hear from me again when the work is finished or I have more to report :)

With kindness

Christmas innit

Been a while. I was wrapping Christmas presents and remembered I had a mailing list and that if you don’t send a message out once every three months, they consider it invalid and you have to make everyone re-sign up. So, Merry Christmas.

Also, stop blaming 2016 for celebrities dying. It’s stupid, because a) it condemns a whole period of time, forever, merely on the basis of how many famous people you like aren’t alive anymore, and we’re better than that as a species; b) instead of dealing with the fact of death in a mature way, you’re blaming a calendar, which won’t serve you as well when your parents die; c) it ignores the fact that people die ALL THE TIME, and implying that things are somehow worse because you’ve seen some of this year’s crop on a screen is insulting to all the ones you didn’t care about, which means you’ve somehow found a way to not-care about them even more; and d) if you get to outlive your heroes, that’s you being lucky, because the alternative is that you don’t. If Carrie Fisher dies before you do, it means you still have the precious gift of life that she may be denied, and if all you use it for is to moan about the karmic injustice of a twelve-month Gregorian time period on Twitter, or emaili me to tell me I’m a prick for having an opinion, then not only will someone have lost their life but someone else who still has theirs will be wasting what they have left of it, instead of appreciating this brief span of existence that we have here to breathe and smile and be alive and do what those we’ve lost can do no longer.

Anyway, happy new year.

I’m gonna start making videos again soon, I just bought a new camera.

Wishing you a happy and wonderful end-of-year