Free gig this Friday

If you’re in Hoxton, east London this Friday, come see me for free at the Stag’s Head pub.

I’m playing a gig with George Reece and Natalie Shay – details are here.

Stay hydrated,

My new album’s online right now

Hey, this is Alex Day telling you about my new album Split Infinities, which is out right now.

It might be my best album ever – or my worst, it’s up to you to decide for yourself. Listen to it all on YouTube and do let me know your thoughts (as if I could stop you): click here!

And please do share it with whoever you think would like it. I’m very proud of it and I hope it pleases your ears. It’s now on Spotify, Apple, Google and wherever else you listen to stuff (except the radio).

So that’s my new fifth album which is out now to listen to, purchase and enjoy.

With kindness,


Next month I’m releasing a new album. Sorry to bang on about it when it’s not out yet, I hate those tweets people do when it’s like “working on some cool stuff but I can’t tell you what yet, be excited!” – I don’t expect people to be excited because I’m at work, that’s some high-functioning crazy and YouTubers do it ALL THE TIME.

I bring the album up only because, while I’m finishing it, I’m releasing a new acoustic EP today which is only available only on my website.

It’s called Shoebox and I made a video explaining the idea, but basically these are eight unreleased songs that I never wrote for albums of mine (including the new one) but that ended up not making it. You can here one of them on my YouTube.

There are only 200 physical copies, signed and hand-numbered, so grab yourself one if you want one :)

I’ll write again soon about the album – thanks for your patience!



Two quick things:

If you’ve bought my book The Underground Storyteller, please go to Amazon and review it because it’s now available on Kindle! You can buy it, rent it through Kindle’s lending library or read it through an Unlimited subscription.

Also, we have a new Sopio deck out! It’s really good and funny and I’m very proud of it – you can play even if you’ve never played Sopio before and it’s great fun with friends. There’s also a physical version of our app, King of Sopio, available as a real deck of cards. Get those here :)

Stay hydrated

Sopio Sunny Sale

I’ll keep this to five sentences because Tim Ferriss says five sentences is the maximum number you should include in an email to be an efficient communicator :)

The card game I continue to co-make, Sopio Cards, is currently having a big sale on our online store and on Amazon.

All the decks are £5, boosters are £1 and our combined deck+booster boxsets are cheaper than ever :)

Also, I record a podcast with two of my cousins, Alan and Danny – click to listen for free on Soundcloud, or click here for iTunes.